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All about Toxin

January 26th, 2013. Aesthetic procedures.

Its true that, once you get those forehead or glabellar lines, you really get it. They are not going to get away. Its like those minor or major dents in your car, that will be only get repaired or covered with polish, but won’t go away. Botox is a quite old drug now. In the early age, it was used to treat stiffness in muscles, such as in children with cerebral palsy or in contractures of muscles. But now they are popular for beauty purpose only, thanks to Hollywood stars!

Probably everybody, including me and you and this whole world, need Botox and Fillers. Its just the time, when you concentrate or get time to look after yourself.
IMAG0560If you look at this picture. Can you see the vertical lines in between eye brows. These lines are known as Glabellar Lines. Probably in this case, you can only see it, when you frown your forehead. People look angry in that pose.
How much Botulinum toxin you need for this picture?
This image is not the worst example. I would consider it as mild moderate (early moderate). You need roughly 25-30 units of Botox, it means half vial of 50 U Botox. You may need whole 100 Units of Botox, if it was proper moderate severe Frown lines. It means for proper deep lines, you may end up with 1-2 Vials of Botox. These are the rough estimations, and varies according to the size of your forehead. Also its important to make a balance at different part of forehead. There is no such thing as one area of Botox.


Most of the time, muscles at other area become more active and caused asymmetry of face. To prevent it, you always need botox more than one area.

lines1-e1290985057806When we talk about one area, it means following:
1) Forehead lines.

2) Glabellar lines.

3) Crow’s feet – around eyes.

4) Lines below eyes.

5) Bunny lines around nose area.

Any unwanted line you get on the face is a wrinkle, either at rest or in actions. If you want to see these lines in action, start looking for it when you talk to other people, and see how they make difference. If you want to get rid of wrinkles, and live around coventry, rugby, leicester, birmingham, nuneaton or warwick, we are the nearest place to have Botox done in Coventry.








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