Over 18 years only with ID

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How we work

First of all we would like to see in our free consultation with Dr Singh to assess your requirements. In this process we look in to your face, for the wrinkles (static or dynamic wrinkles), skin texture, and skin quality.

We will offer you the treatment options if you need Botox or Dermal fillers for your lines. Also we will make sure you pay less and get maximum output from our services. We will educate you about the amount you need and what type of dermal fillers, and how much it will cost you. On some occasions we may ask you to bring your ID to make sure you are over 18 years old. On very rare occasions we can refuse treatments if Doctor feels you are not competent enough to understand the cosmetic procedures, its outcome and complications, or if Dr feels cosmetic procedures are not in your best interest by assessing your mental well being. Everybody has to sign a consent form for all kind of cosmetic and any surgical procedure. Some products are not licensed for under 21, in these cases you have to sign the consent form to use products as off label and at your own risk. How ever Dr will help you make a decision that will be in your best interest if you understand the risks and benefits of the procedure. We do not treat anybody under the age of 18 even with parents consent.

The overall aim is to give you more fresh and young look by correcting your current lines/wrinkles and to prevent future lines with further anti- ageing correction methods to achieve more natural rejuvenation.

Your Satisfaction is very important. Therefore we use Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS) to analyse the results before and after procedure.



1 Exceptional improvement Excellent corrective result after a session with Dermal Fillers or Botox.
2 Very improved patient Marked improvment of the appearance, but not completely optimal.A touch-up would slightly improve the result.
3 Improved patient Improvement of the appearance, better compared with the initial condition, but a touch-up is advised.
4 Unaltered patient The appearance substantialy remains the same compared with the original condition.
5 Worsened patient The appearance has worsened compared with the original condition.

dermal-fillers-lift-dot-coventryNow we use ’Dot’  technique for thin and small faces with mild volume loss. It means Fewer Injections, Using less product, and you spend less money on Dermal Fillers and Botox. But you get same result to regain a youthful look and more natural face.